The Low Cost Alternative to Manufacturer accredited Watch Servicing

We offer watch very competitively priced servicing by post for prestige and vintage models from makers such as Omega, Rolex, Tudor, Longines, Tag Heuer and others.

We are fully independent from all the major makers which enables us to repair and service your watch without the constraints that Manufacturer accreditation imposes. This means we are much cheaper than Rolex or Omega accredited workshops and we can often repair or service watches that are deemed beyond economic repair by an authorised repairer, or where any service or repair work won't meet original manufacturer specifications.

We do the vast majority of work ourselves in house and can normally return a watch within 2 weeks.

We treat the requirements of each watch individually and only provide a firm quote once we have inspected your watch and understood the work required. This ensures you get no nasty surprises when you receive the bill! and also ensures you don't waste your money if the watch is not economic to repair or service. In these cases we just charge an inspection and return fee to return the watch to you. Because we carry the work ourselves in house, you can specify your requirements directly with us and we are also happy to pass on additional information about the watch such as case and movement numbers.

We'll even take pictures of the movement for insurance purposes if required.

Watches are accepted exclusively at our private PO Box address for security and we acknowedge receipt by email once received. An invoice is sent by email on receipt and payment is made online by credit/ debit card at the conclusion of the work. Once payment is received we return by Royal Mail Special Delivery

Please note we can only currently accept watch servicing requests from inside the UK.

Watch Servicing, Repair and Restoration

Servicing includes;

  • Remove movement from case
  • Clean case and clean/ lubricate seals
  • Dismantle movement, machine clean using L&R fluids, inspect parts
  • Assemble movement, lubricating using Moebius synthetic oils and greases
  • Set up beat and rate and assess performance on an Electronic Watch Timing Machine
  • Assemble movement in case, seal.
  • Test over an extended period
Please note that a watch service cannot restore a worn movement to as new condition although in many cases a service is all that is required to get a vintage watch working reliably.

Parts Supply

Due to restrictive parts supply practices from the major Swiss watch houses towards independent repairers, we will not be able to obtain genuine parts for some movements or cases, especially so in the case of Rolex. Genuine OE service items (crystals, crowns and mainsprings etc.) are generally still available along with quality generic options. As many parts are now obsolete for vintage watches we often won't be able to replace worn parts and may need to advise on donor part options. We will advise on options after inspection. Please note that we don't routinely replace seals or carry out pressure testing on vintage pieces as we consider these to be NOT waterproof. Case polishing is also not included in the basic servicing cost.

A detailed price estimate is provided on inspection but for budget purposes please see below:

  • Mechanical manual wind - from £80.00
  • Mechanical automatic calibres - from £100.00
  • Quartz Battery Replacement, Clean and Reseal - £30.00
  • Quartz Service - from £80.00
  • Omega Servicing - from £80.00 Click Here for Detail Prices
  • Rolex Servicing - from £130.00
  • Other Makes Servicing
  • Inspection and return fee - (Only applicable if the watch is not serviceable or quoted work is not commenced) £10.00
  • All prices plus parts + return Special Delivery post (£10.00).

Refinishing/ Restoration

As well as servicing the movement we can carry out a number of restoration services.

  • - Glass polish £FREE with case restoration
  • - Fit new crystal - Quote with service
  • - Fit new crown and stem - Quote with service
  • - Case Polish - From £40.00
  • - Bracelet refinishing - From £60.00
  • - Dial Restoration - Ask for Quote

Please click the link below to visit ou dedicated watch servicing website to request a quote for servicing.