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Buying a luxury watch for less than half price.
Vintage Watch Articles / Nov 12th, 2014 9:39 pm     A+ | a-

Whilst it's always nice to spend time around the glossy and salubrious showrooms of the high street watch sellers, you will of course pay a hefty premium for the privilege of buying a brand new watch.  Much like buying a brand new car you tend to lose your shirt the moment you exit the shop.  There are some exceptions of course.  Rolex are the masters of protecting their dealer network which means the prices are set in stone, even to the point that some pre owned sports models can trade hands for higher than the original list price.  You might have to wait up to 3.5 years on the waiting list for the privilege though.

The more usual huge depreciation scenario can be largely avoided by buying your luxury watch secondhand.  Here's a great example that we've recently taken into stock.

This Breitling Chronomat Evolution is a 2005 model and comes complete with the original boxes, dealer issued paperwork and instruction booklets.  The original list price was £4950 and you can buy it in our online shop for much less than half of this.  Unlike buying a used car of  similar age, you can expect a 10 year old watch to be faultless, with a well cared for example showing only light wear, mainly to the strap which can be easily replaced if required.  Check out our selection of pre-owned modern luxury watches here.



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