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Can you value my watch?
Vintage Watch FAQs / Oct 25th, 2017 12:28 pm     A+ | a-

Unfortunately due to time and resource constraints we don't provide formal watch valuations unless you are sending your watch for service.  We could easily fill all our time offering free advice and valuations, but we are running a business and sadly there are barely enough hours to undertake all the tasks required in maintaining this.  If you are looking to sell a vintage watch then by all means contact us via our sister site and we'll be happy to let you know what we can pay for it.

For general advice, we simply advise that the only value of any vintage watch is what someone will pay for it. In most cases, this is way below what they've been lead to believe from the general jewellery and antique trade. A general high street jeweller will not give you market valueThey want you to return as a customer so will inflate the price and make you feel good about your special timepiece, also they are likely not to be as informed about the Vintage Watch world to know specific values of your particular watch. Quotes from the high street is more likely to be the nearest equivalent replacement value for insurance purposes.  This is great if you lose your watch and have a written statement from 'Smith and Acme Jewellers' that your 1950s Rotary 9ct gold cushion case watch is actually worth £3000. Dealers just won't be interested in your valuation.

When customers come to us with a considerably large insurance valuation hoping to cash in, I often pose the question: 'Did you ask the jeweller what he'd pay for it?'  Here lies the difference. Quite simply, a valuation is not the same as the price a dealer will pay for it.

We have to buy at a "Trade Price" as we, like any other dealer, are in the business of selling watches. If your watch is valued at say, £1000, we cannot buy it from you at £1000 and then re-sell it at £1000. Start with our selling price and work back; Selling costs, overheads, taxes, VAT etc., then restoration costs, servicing etc. At the end you’ll have the price we can offer you in order to make a sensible profit and a living.

If you want to know what your watch can potentially be worth following restoration and servicing, look no further than our own site. So the next time you want to know what your watch is worth avoid the high street jeweller and come to a specialist.

If you are looking to sell, what does impress us is a full and honest description about the watch with good photos. Sending an enquiry with "Got an Omega watch, what is it worth?" is unfortunately rather lacking in detail for any kind of valuation.

Please contact us via or through our contact page if you want to sell your watch.

Do you have a question about your own watch?. Please Contact us
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