PoshTime.co.uk our new ‘Authentic Omega’ Programme

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our ‘Authentic Omega’ programme which have devised to ensure that any Omega watch you buy from us is 100% authentic. With the purchase of your vintage Omega watch, you will be issued with a card certifying authenticity with details of the watch and our official stamp. If, in the unlikely event your watch is found NOT to be an authentic Omega at some stage in the future, we will refund the price of the watch.

The new Programme has come about from the rising trend of, what we call in the trade, ‘marriages’ for sales, where a watch has been made from case and movement parts of different models or makers. We undertake the following scrupulous checks on every Omega we  sell:

  • Movement calibre checked for correct model
  • Movement serial number checked for correct calibre/year of manufacture and dated
  • Case references checked for correct model
  • Case references cross checked against correct movement for year using Omega’s own vintage database information
  • Any restoration work like dial or case noted and reported

All qualifying watches will be issued an Omega Authentic card, included with the watch on sale.

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