New year trends

Trade was rather busy over the Christmas period and as we roll into another new year, the downturn in sales gives us a chance to restock the shelves.  Good watches are getting increasingly hard to find however,  and as more and more folk take to the internet we find a massive range of prices for similar models for sale on our favourite auction site.    Vintage watches are continuing to rise in value but the trend is becoming more polarised to well known models from Rolex, Omega, Heuer etc.  Investors are starting to get more adventurous in their portfolios in light of the miserable bank returns, and we are seeing lots of people make a vintage watch purchase for the first time.   This is of course potentially dangerous if the wrong choice is made but by sticking to the safe houses of the big names and buying from an established dealer such as ourselves, you can’t go to far wrong.

Rolex vintage watches appear to rise in value exponentially so don’t leave it too late to buy a great example.  I bought an Oysterdate model 6694 very similar to this one back in 2003, from a High St Rolex dealer for £620.  The same watch (great example for sale our website) is now worth £1800-£2000 from a reputable dealer.    That’s a pretty impressive return by any standards.

Rolex Oysterdate 6694

Vintage Seamasters are always in strong demand, as are solid gold 9ct and 18ct models from Omega.

Up and coming are Longines, and watch collectors and enthusiasts are starting to appreciate the quality of their 1950s / 60s production leading to more interest and higher prices.

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