How do I date my vintage Omega?

One of the questions that frequently gets asked is what is how can I date my Omega watch.  Omega watches carry a serial number which is stamped on the movement for vintage models up (up to around 1980) or etched on the outside of the case for later models.  For vintage models this is translates to the production date of the movement which can differ to the subsequent date when the watch was sold so it can only be used as an approximate tool only.  In most cases though, the serial number provides the most accurate way to date the watch unless it also comes with the additional dealer signed paperwork.  The following  table can be used to date the watch within 1-2 years.

Note: After 1998 dating becomes more difficult as the serial numbers used no longer correspond with the date of manufacture.

Omega Serial Numbers

Omega Serial Numbers

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  1. Vlasta Zihla says

    Hi, I would like to repair my omega watch and first I´m looking for an information about it. I have the omega wrist watch and inside on the movenent is engraved number 6184823. It means that first is 6……, then the watch is from the year 1923? I dont know whether the stainless steel case is origin, because there is not any number either any logo of omega.
    Thanks for your advice

  2. Geoff Lovell says

    Is this the same company I bought two solid gold Omegas a few years back, however the gentleman was I think your dad and I visited him and you! in Christchurch.
    One and the same?
    Best Wishes.
    P.S. I still have the watches, I bought both as I could not make my mind up!

  3. Jacquie Owen says

    I have my grandmother’s gold omega watch – sadly not working. Serial no is 5907362. Does it have a value? Is it worth me trying to repair it?

  4. Draza Chuk says

    I have a 18kt gold man’s omega deville automatic watch with date bought in 1972. Where is the serial number located? Since it is 43 years old any idea of value

  5. paul reeve says

    I have been handed down an omega watch. I do not know the age. It is an Omega Geneve. It has a cream face with no date hand on it. The information on the back cover is 131.018SP and on the movement it says 17 jewels and is stamped 24051954 but nothing else except the omega watch name. It has a chrome or stainless body and back. it has a straight side with no chamfer. Could you date it from this information please if possible.

  6. rofi martin says

    hi i have omega not been serviced recently it is running biautifully with 18ct solid gold case and with 9ct solid gold strap.on the movement say:OMEGA WATCH Co,SEVENTEEN,SWISS,JEWELS, with 212 underned simbol of omega ,serial no:12980907.and in side of the cap say 48921 DENNISON,MADE IN ENGLAND,gold mack 18ct,ALD my omega got value?

    • says

      All vintage Omega watches have value and yours will be significant given it’s a 18ct gold model. We can’t give a valuation here sadly. The number 212 you have quoted is incorrect. This should be the calibre number but 212 wasn’t an Omega calibre, it’s probably more like 267 or 268.

  7. Nikolas says

    My watch it is Omega and the serial number is 11122070 the cover on the back of the watch is 13322 Dennison made + 6129 Lookin at your chart of date serial numbers my wathc was made in 1895 can you confirm this is true please

    Kind regard,


  8. Brian webster says

    Hi there I would just like to find out a bit more about my watch. It’s omega with stainless steel straps and case. It has blue hands and 1t jewels. The serial number 9502502 and on the back of the dial, but it also has 10331728 on the back case, I not sure which one is the serial number. Could you tell me a bit more about it please. I can send photos if needed thank you.

  9. David says

    My father recently had is Omega watch serviced, not sure where but it is working perfectly fine. My question is what type of Omega is it based on the following: Omega Automatic … but where you might find the type is a company Logo (CCC) and on the back is “For Loyal Service … Continental Can Company of Canada 1975”. So presume the watch if opened would provide a serial number around 1975 but how to tell what “type” it is? It has a “day” option and one pull out to change the date / time.

  10. Daniel says

    Hi Robin! I have an old 18ct Omega watch that I’ve been trying to identify. The serial number stamped on the back of the movement is 22057971. As far as I understand it’s a caliber 601. But how can I find out the exact model name?

  11. Chris Boyle says

    I have an old omega mens wristwatch which the serial number suggests it is around 1944/5 , i cannot find any info which model it may be .
    Any suggestions gladly received ,
    Chris .

  12. louise says

    Hi I’ve just bought a 9ct gold ladies omega watch. It has a hinged opening back and inside are the numbers 61856 and 8238074 can you tell me anything about it please

  13. tony says

    i have a sea master cosmic 18k serial starts 166050 – pos 1701 then-107 bit worn as its 18 k, works perfect in good condition, winder replaced i think as no omega symbol on it, any idea on value and are you interested ?

    regards, tony rankin

  14. Pippa Langlois says

    Hello, I have a 1940’s Omega pilot’s watch that belonged to my pilot father Roy B Langlois (shot down in 1941, POW in Sagan, Stalag Luft 3, he was 60th through the tunnel in The Great Escape, went on the Long March and was liberated in 1945. My question is : the watch is marked on the back, outside A.M. 6B/159 A3459. Inside the back of the case it is marked 10547019. On the movement itself it is marked 16 jewels 9742746. Can you tell me the approximate date of manufacture please and when do you think it might have been issued? Many thanks.

    • says

      9 mil. serial numbers were manufactured from 1939 onwards. It sounds like you have more accurate information to date the watch yourself given he had the watch when he was shot down in 1941? Somewhere between 1939 and 1941 is as accurate as it gets with dating watches I’m afraid in the absence of detailed paperwork. AM 6B/159 denotes RAF issue so 1940 would be a good guess.

      • Pippa Langlois says

        Many thanks. This is not the original watch he was wearing in 1941 when shot down (that one was taken off him by the gestapo in St Gilles prison). Could this one date to 1945 do you think as a replacement when he returned after the war? What do the numbers mean on the inside of the back of the case, please?

        • says

          1945 is possible. Much of the pre war movement stock was used until around 1950. The case numbers don’t mean much unfortunately as they pre-date Omega’s case numbering system. It will just be a serial number of production but not one than can be used to date the watch. The only way to accurately date issue would be to consult the Government/Air Minstry’s records of the time.

  15. Gareth Jones says

    I have an 18 carat gold gent’s wristwatch
    Calibre R178
    Movement. 9130254
    What does this tell me about the watch?

    It hasn’t been serviced in a while and I have been advised to send it to Omega in Switzerland
    Is there another option?

    • says

      Hi Gareth, you have most of the info there. 9130254 is the serial number as shown in the article this dates to circa 1939. Calibre R178 is the movement calibre number. You will probably find a case number in the back as well. You can send the watch to us for servicing, please contact us on for a quote.

  16. Gareth Jones says

    Hi, I’ve been given an Omega Automatic Geneve, i’m trying to date it and find any info. The number on the back cover plate is 166041 and stamped on the movement is 31443991 plus 565 (which i understand to be the movement).
    Any info given would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

    • says

      Hi Gareth, all the info you need is in the blog, you just have to read it. The 2 relevant articles are How to my vintage Omega which you’ve commented on here and A guide to ‘Omega vintage watch reference codes’.

  17. walkey says

    I have inherited an Omega 21 Electro Super flat gold wrist watch I was trying to get more info on it. The band is like a gold mesh with a friction clasp. Have not idea how old it is, or value. It has a round face On the back is a crest that says Swiss Made. Looks like it may have ring diamond sounding the watch face.

    • says

      Omega never made a ’21 Electro Super Flat’ so I suspect you may have a fake from the 1960s. All genuine Omega watches will have a serial number, and a recognised calibre number stamped on the movement. Send us a picture to sales @ poshtime .com and we can confirm.

  18. Tony Hill says

    I have an old Seamaster professional chronometer serial number 168 1623

    It is a standard 41mm size and has 120 clicks on the bezel can anyone please advise its value, age and rarity?

    It is looking a bit worn now and I guess it needs a new bezel as it is scratched and faded but still very readable

  19. felipe says

    Hi Robin,
    I’m from Chile, recently i find a vintage OMEGA 105.003-65 (321), but the movement begins with 2495xxxx, i find other OMEGAS from the same year as mine in the internet, with the same 24xxxxxx numbers, acording some tables that i check this number didn’t match for this year..? but is rare that others have the same”problem”is it possible that OMEGA put this movement in an 105.003-65?
    Thanks for your answer
    Best Regards

    • says

      Yes, it’s very common for Omega movements to have serial numbers dating to years before or after the case was made and stamped. Case and movement production was made in separate factories and case work was often outsourced to other companies, so could be stockpiled awaiting assembly. Same goes for movements.

  20. ALBERT OWEN says

    on my omega de ville watch the mov number is 00055252,this is also on the omega international guarantee, metal ref is MD1920034

  21. Steve Richards says

    I have inherited a vintage omega gents watch. Could you please help me identify the model.
    It is rectanguler in shape with fixed strap bands.
    Stamped inside the case it has the markings for silver, 0.925 plus the lion holding a staf. Also stamped is what looks like a back to front half moon with a crown to its right and a capital G below. There are also the following numbers stamped into the case.
    8090552 and under them 170.
    On the back of the movement is stamped,
    7317380. Going by what I can make from your views of age, am I correct in saying this watch dates between 1929 & 1935.
    Also the face of the watch is a goldish colour and numbered 1 to twelve, not roman numerals and between the centre of the watch and the number 6 is another rectangle of numbers for the seconds. Is this whats known as a doctors watch.
    Kind regards.
    Steve Richards.

    • says

      There won’t be a model to identify. The serial number dates from 1935-1939. Case reference will be only relevant to the contractor that made it at that period as this watch pre dates the Omega case numbering system. The only relevant info will be the movement calibre number which is stamped under the balance wheel.

  22. ron boyman says

    I have recently aquired an Omega Constellation Certified Chronometer and wish to check calibre and serial numbers, but find that the actual movement cannot be removed with the winding crown and stem in place, so I wish to remove the winding crown. Is this slotted and simply a push fit onto the end of the winding stem,and able to be removed with a strong pull?

    • says

      Yes it sounds like a split stem model and the crown is removed with round nose pliers gently prising between the back of crown and the case. Depending on model you will also need to push the inner stem home, and align the retaining ring to allow removal of the movement and dial.

  23. Terry Caddell says

    I have an automatic steel unicase Seamaster watch which from the chart info’ I can date as around 1960, Caliber 522: Serial no 17206703: Case no 14745. I have searched everywhere to try and find out what model this is with no success. The face of the watch has the Omega symbol where the 12 o clock numeral would normally be. Can anyone help identify this for me please.

  24. Robert Ayerst says

    I have a omega watch and i can not find any numbers on the movement but i think i found a number on the inside back case but am nt sure i think its 1980037 does this make sense

  25. JOHN DIAMOND says

    I have a omega seamaster 300 automatic with no date, serial no is 24725270, ref 165.024, cal 552, 24 jewels, i think it is early 1960s but not sure, it is in very good condition and i would be much obliged if you could tell me a little more about it.J.D

  26. albie owen says

    on the inside of back case of my watch are numbers 192.0034. and on the mechanism under the omega logo is the number 1342, i cannot find any other numbers , it does state 7 jewels also, could this be a fake

    • says

      This is a cal. 1342 quartz movement. The serial number should be printed in a tiny black disc on the back of the movement. It could have been replaced if the circuit board has been changed. Highly unlikely to be a fake.

  27. Fran says

    hi i have a ladies 18 carat gold omega wristwarch antique winder is underneath face it has a number on back of watch which is 11441104 could you tell me age and value please regards fran

  28. Christie says

    Hi, I just found a watch in my moms things after she passed away, I don’t know anything about watches, but its a rectangle 14kt gold face ladies watch with a leather band, it is in the original box, I think it might have been my grandmothers, now my question is, how can I see the serial number, it isn’t on the box and I don’t see it on the back, but I wound it up and it works, do I have to open it up to see the serial, or is it bad to open it up?

    • says

      As the article says, the serial number is stamped on the movement on vintage Omega watches. Yes you need to open the watch to see this. If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself you need to take to a competent jeweller or watchmaker. The chart with the relevant dates is in the article.

  29. Harold Carlman says

    I own a vintage Omega serial number 12553/1010301.I would like to know it`s worth and where in the Tampa / Saint Petersburg Florida area I can locate a dealer for appraisal and servicing? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • says

      We don’t value watches on this blog. The number you’ve quoted is not a serial number. Serial numbers are stamped on the back of the movement. Please read the article for more details on this.. and we can’t identify your watch from that alone in any case. No idea about dealers in your area, we are and independent dealer based in the UK and don’t represent Omega or have a chain of shops around the globe.

  30. Adrian Scollard says

    I have an Omega Quartz Seamaster that I brought in 1979. Could you tell me if it would be the first quartz watch that Omega manufactured?

  31. Jon A Bonynge says

    recently inherited an Omega watch that belonged to my great grandfather.
    the only numbers I find stamped on the back are 2365-3.
    I also see some tiny numbers that have been engraved but cannot even read them. Any help greatly appreciated.



  32. H. Adam says

    Hai I wonder if you could help me in dating the Omega watch I have as I can find no trace of it on any web sites.
    The back cover has WWW (incapital) an arrow and below that are two rows of numbers the first has Y17348 below that reads 10681547. Referring to your chart I wonder if it is a 1944 version.
    Can you help me.

  33. Jamie Frank says


    I supposedly have a mid 80’s Omega Speedmaster calibre 861. The serial number etched on the movement is R.38112. How do i know which year that movement is from?

  34. Nathan harrison says

    I have a what I believe to be a vintage 1973 omega serial number 106-0169, can you tell me if this a real or fake omega? The watch has day and date window at 3 o’clock.

  35. brian george says

    Hello Robin,
    I am trying to p/x my 1986 Omega Seamaster with Watchfinder.
    I have the watch serial number as 49698874, but do not know the Model number, which they require.
    Where will I find the model number?
    Best regards – Brian

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