What is the best value for money ‘Quality’ Watch?

We’ve built a reputation based on selling high-grade vintage pieces but sometimes I do get asked for my opinion on the less expensive, end of the quality watch market.

Here is a great example:

roamer rockshell

£300 buys you a brand new model from a Swiss manufacturer, with 125 years of genuine watch making pedigree at a price cheaper than “Designer” watches with cheap movements.

A minor compromise with a modern quartz is that it’s an electronic movement rather than mechanical mechanism, but it’s a good movement.  For example, a Ronda, Swiss-made 13 Jewel is much better quality than mass-market movements found in “Designer” watches.

So enter the Roamer Rockshell Mark III chronograph:

  • Stunning modern looks
  • Beautifully machined
  • Huge 44mm stainless steel case
  • Expensive croc leather strap with deployment clasp.

There’s plenty to love … at the time of writing we have two examples in stock.

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  1. Paul Williams says

    Hi, I have a H&G 1962 9ct gold cushion case 17 jewel watch very similar to one you have just sold. Do you know anything of the history of this manufacturer?
    Great site, by the way, very interesting and useful. Regards Paul.

    • says

      Hi, H&G would most likely have been a dial name used by a jewellery retailer. This was common practice in the 50s and 60s and the manufacturer would have been a generic company assembling imported movements and cases from other Swiss and English manufacturers.

    • says

      The De Ville is Omegas dress watch range and the Geneve tends to represent the all the various styles that don’t fit into either the dress or sports ranges. One isn’t better than the other as the same quality movements and case construction is used throughout their production.

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