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We buy quality mechanical and quartz watches from all eras vintage to modern. is part of Armstrong & Co Ltd who also run PoshTime Watches a leading internet retailer of secondhand and vintage watches since 2000. We buy quality watches, from prestigious Swiss makers such as Omega, Rolex, Breitling, TAG Heuer models. We offer both immediate sale and sale on commission options:

Sell Immediately

Please put the details of your watch in the form below. If we are interested we will respond with an offer within 48hrs. We'll then ask you to send the watch to us and payment will be made to your bank account the same day. Offers will be trade price which is lower than the retail value but the sale is quick with no hassle and no need for the watch to be serviced, cleaned or in some cases even working.

Sell on Commission

This option is more suited for a more expensive watch in excellent condition where you are looking to achieve near to the full market value and are not concerned about how long it takes to sell. We charge a 15% commission fee (min. £200+VAT) Please put the details of your watch in the form below. If we are interested in selling it on commission we will contact you requesting more details including pictures and to discuss pricing. Once we agree a deal we will get you to send the watch to us, which will then be examined, cleaned, and if required serviced. Finally it will be photographed and posted on our website. Once the watch sells and 14 days have passed to allow for returns, we will deposit the funds in your account minus our commission fees and servicing costs if applicable.

How to Sell your watch

  • Contact us using the enquiry form.
  • We respond to your enquiry and may request further information.
  • We make an offer for your watch as a purchase and/or commission sale.
  • You send the watch to us using Royal Mail Special Delivery.
  • We examine the watch and send you payment by bank transfer for an immediate sale or arrange a commission deal depending on your requirements.

What we DO buy

  • All Omega models from 1940-Present Day
  • Vintage Rolex models from 1940s to 1990s
  • Tudor models from 1950s to present day
  • Breitling/ Jaeger/ Tag Heuer/ Longines etc.
  • Other mechanical watches from Oris, Seiko, Roamer and vintage American makes such as Bulova, Hamilton and Elgin

What we DON'T buy

  • Fashion Brands such as Gucci, Boss, D&G, DKNY etc.
  • Modern quartz watches from High St chains such as Argos etc.
  • Any watches less than 3 months old

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