Vintage Watch Servicing

We specialise in the servicing and restoration of vintage Omega watches (1940s to 1970s) and offer competitively priced servicing with a number of extras to ensure your vintage Omega keeps working and looking as good as it can for as long as possible. As well as basic servicing we offer, crystal polishing and replacement, case polishing, stem and crown replacement and strap supply and fitment.

As well as Omega we also work on other prestige Swiss makes, please ask for a quote.

We treat the requirements of each watch individually and only provide a firm quote once we have inspected your watch and understood the work required. This ensures you get no nasty surprises when you receive the bill! and also ensures you don't waste your money if the watch is not economic to repair or service. In these cases we just charge an inspection and return fee to return the watch to you. Because we carry the work ourselves in house, you can specify your requirements directly with us and we are also happy to pass on additional information about the watch such as case and movement numbers.


Servicing includes strip down of the movement, machine cleaning with approved L&R fluids and inspection of parts, oiling using high grade Moebius synthetic oils, reassembly and setting up of rate and beat on an electronic timing machine. Waterproof seal replacement, pressure testing, and case polishing are not included.

A detailed price estimate is provided on inspection but for budget purposes:

  • Omega vintage manual wind calibres (e.g. 260, 280, 480, 600 series) - £80.00
  • Omega vintage Automatic calibres (e.g. 500, 550 series) - £100.00
  • Omega/ETA calibres (e,g,1012, 1022)- £110
  • Omega 'Bumper Autos' (e.g. 330/ 340, 350 series) - £120.00
  • Omega Chronostop (865, 920) - £150
  • Omega Chronographs - Price on Request.
  • Omega modern calibres (e.g. 1120) - £150
  • Other makers: (Quoted on request)
  • Inspection and return fee - (Only applicable if the watch is not serviceable or quoted work is not commenced) £10.00
  • All prices plus parts + return Special Delivery post (£10.00).

Refinishing/ Restoration

  • - Glass polish £FREE with case restoration
  • - Acrylic crystal replacement (Generic) +£11.00
  • - Acrylic crystal replacement (OE Omega) +£35.00
  • - Crown replacement (OE Omega) +£30.00
  • - Crown replacement (OE Omega) + stem +£45.00
  • - Case Polish - From £40.00
  • - Bracelet refinishing - From £60.00
  • - Regretfully we can't currently offer dial restoration services

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